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Welcome to Downtown Mesa Hotels right in the heart of Mesa, Arizona.

Downtown Mesa Hotels prepared for you all that is necessary for a succesful trip, so you will find enlisted the most useful information related to shopping and dining, as well as to sight-seeing and a lot of fun in the sections of our website.

As such, Downtown Mesa Hotels will be proudly accompanying you in the lively center of Mesa, Arizona.Vacation

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About Downtown Mesa

Downtown Mesa is the perfect place for your next trip, so get ready for what is considered to be a genuine hub for business and government activity, as well as for arts, recreation and entertainment. All these dimensions of the city center of Mesa will surely make your time here worthwhile.

Downtown Mesa is the area bordered by University Drive on the North, Mesa Drive on the East, Broadway Road on the South, and Country Club Drive on the West.
Downtown Mesa Hotels recommends this city center for the cultural life it promotes since it has one of the best art centers in the state, three major museums and is involved in a 36 piece public sculpture program.

The cultural dimension of Downtown Mesa is completed by the numerous opportunities for great shopping in the dozens of specialty shops and equally great dining in the amazing restaurants.

Downtown Mesa Hotels invites you to take a complete tour of the city center of Mesa because there are plenty of things to experience and enjoy. Among the most representative attractions for Downtown Mesa, get ready for the following: the Mesa Arts Center, which is a genuine landmark as the largest arts complex in Arizona, where you can enjoy local and national theatre, concerts, arts exhibitions, as well as art classes, Golfland SunSplash, a wonderful waterpark, also comprising a mini golf course, race cars, and many more that will attract your attention, the Arizona Museum for Youth, which is an ideal place for children because they have the occasion to try some fun activities that will introduce them to the world of fun arts.

These are just a few hints of what you can find here, but Downtown Mesa Hotels website hosts a special section dedicated to the exact locations of the best things that Downtown Mesa holds for you. All you have to do is be here because Downtown Mesa Hotels has taken care of the rest.

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